Will we speak again?

I can’t pretend anymore that everything is fine between us.
I can’t hide anymore that it’s okay if, you don’t give me your time.
I can’t fool myself around of waiting for your messages.
I can’t give you love and joy while being crushed under the weight of grief and sadness.
I can’t deal with things you have avoided while keep promising of doing them.
I can’t forget how you gave me distance, when I needed your love most.
I can’t settle for fake promises no more while I crave for consistency.
I can’t go on radio silence from speaking everyday drastically.
I can’t keep telling you how it hurts unsless you don’t want to hear from me once.

All I want is to be loved. I want you to give a shit about me and my future. I want you to care but you don’t.

Tomorrow will be too late to recover a devastating loss.
It’s sinking and you can’t save anything now.